Friday, June 5, 2009

Have Your Been Royally Screwed?

Have Your Been Royally Screwed?
Myron Z. Bernstein
Kambs Publishing
How to Get What You Deserve by Making People and Companies Deliver on Their Promises, Products, Goods and Services…
Have Your Been Royally Screwed? May sound like a comical title but this is a very serious topic. Most of us can answer this question with a resounding YES! Myron Z. Bernstein is a consumer advocate. Did he plan to be one…I am not sure but I don’t think so. I think he became an advocate out of necessity. Everyone needs to be an advocate. Despite the term Customer Service, few companies care about you. Their goal is to make money even if they means cheating you. Bernstein exposes the abuses and the schemes behind warranties, insurance, contractors, rebates, and a number of other consumer “services.”
The reader will be shaking their head yes while reading some of the examples in this book. Myron is sharing situations most readers have faced. The difference between most consumers and Myron is –HE FIGHTS BACK—and he WINS. I admire Bernstein’s tenacity. Have Your Been Royally Screwed? Is filled with wisdom and expertise. The next time I deal with a customer service representative I will be armed with Bernstein’s strategies and techniques.
Bernstein writes in a interesting, easy to read and understand style. I felt as though I was sitting across the table, sharing a cup of tea with a good friend as he shared his vast knowledge with me. Don’t be victim to customer service again, purchase you copy at Amazon.
“Have You Been Royally Screwed: How to Get What You Deserve by Making People and Companies Deliver on Their Promises, Products, Goods, and Service” written by Myron Z. Bernstein

How To Train A Rock

How To Train A Rock
Paul Steven Stone
5 stars
Paul Steven Stone is a talented author. In his latest book, How To Train A Rock, he shares his insight and perspectives on a variety of topics. For approximately twenty-five years, he wrote a syndicated column, “A Stone’s Throw.” In his own words, the column was quirky. How To Train A Rock is a compilation of those columns. Most of the entries will leave you smiling and contemplating wisdom within the article; a few will leave you with tears.
Pet Peeves discusses allowing pets to leave droppings on other’s lawns. Stone discreetly points out the rudeness without personal attacks. My favorite entry was 1-800-Stomes-Throw, where he addresses the annoying trend toward automated answering services. I become so frustrated with the list of Press 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. What button do I push to talk to a real person? The Song Bird and Me is a look at happiness, with profound wisdom. “There is a part of me that wants to hold onto the things that bring me happiness; to them in my hand so they won’t fly away. However, there is also a part of me that knows you have to free all songbirds and let them fly away—if fly away they must.” His ode to little girls will touch the hearts of fathers. “Little girl there’s no need to rush into the future. There’s no one there who can’t wait a little longer.”
The reader will find deep thoughts, a unique way to look at life, and profound wisdom. How To Train a Rock is a book you want to savor. Do not rush! Read one or two a day and ponder the author’s true meaning behind each column.
“How To Train a Rock” written by Paul Steven Stone _

Dreams Of Beauty

Dreams Of Beauty
Aubrie Dionne
Publisher: SynergEbooks
ISBN: 0-7743-1097-0
Almost every night Emme sees the man of her dreams.
Reviewed by Lynn for
Almost every night Emme sees the man of her dreams. She has no idea who he is. He seems so real. Davian is trapped in Emme’s dream. He was cursed by a Sorceress a hundred years ago, destined to live in a dream until a kiss breaks the curse.
Davian’s niece, has assumed control of the Hawthorn Estate. She had a plan to get rich quick. The whole village with be disrupted if she follows through with her plan . There was only one way to stop the evile woman from destroying the village, Davian. Emme set out to rescue Davian and the village.
Dreams of Beauty is a delightful read. I was reminded of a reverse Sleeping Beauty. The characters are well developed. The plot is strong, flows smoothly and will delight teen/young adult readers.
Check out Dreams Of Beauty written by Aubrie Dionne

Winter Queen - Seasons of Fantasy

Winter Queen - Seasons of Fantasy
Aubrie Dionne
Sci-Fi / Fantasy
all good things come to an end
Reviewed by Kira for years old)
We all have our reasons for who we are and what we do in our lives, in the past the Winter Queen had been a princess in a powerful family with all the riches of the world. Everything in her world had changed when she fell in love with a commoner, who held her heart. But all good things come to an end, her love then broke her heart into pieces with a great betrayal, which would never be healed. Now the Princess is controlling the cold winds that come across the lands and those who are in her way feel the wrath of the heart that was once whole, but now broken. To heal the coldest, most fragile heart in life all it takes is the kindest in a person’s heart.
Winter Queen by Aubrie Dionne reminds the reader that everyone has an appearance that we don’t want to show to others. We chose to show a side that everyone hates so that we wont let them get close to our hearts, and if we can never feel the pain of a loss again. Winter Queen also reminds the reader that we have to take a risk in life, every person is not the same, and that one person can heal our hearts and make something better for our lives. This story is amazing and will help people realize that with a big risk comes a great pleasure.

Check out Winter Queen - Seasons of Fantasy written by Aubrie Dionne

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What is a book review?

A book review (or book report) is a form of literary criticism in which a book is analyzed based on content, style, and merit. It is often carried out in periodicals, as school work, or online. Its length may vary from a single paragraph to a substantial essay. Such a review often contains evaluations of the book on the basis of personal taste. Reviewers, in literary periodicals, often use the occasion of a book review for a display of learning or to promulgate their own ideas on the topic of a fiction or non-fiction work. At the other end of the spectrum, some book reviews resemble simple plot summaries. (Wikipedia)

RYB uses the following format:
Tag Line (something to pique the interest of the reader
A short summary
Your opinion

A book review helps the author. It allows him/her to read constructive criticism.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bride's Fair, The

Brides Fair, The
Hal Fleming
Publisher:Publish America
5 star
Reviewed by Amelia Peabody for, 2/09
The setting is the mountains in Morocco at a folkloric fair. The plot slowly builds to a climactic finish. Hal Fleming made me curious. I actually did some research on the Bride’s Fair. The fair takes place in September. Young girls and boys - and some men and women - come from different villages to find a husband or a wife. Fleming used this setting as the background for his novel of intrigue. Diplomats, expats, Moroccan officials, mountain people, and terrorist make up the cast of this gripping tale. The Brides’ Fair is a complex tale filled with sub-plots including: of a young native girl attempting to escape a forced marriage, local officials dealing with national security threats, a tangle of love interests and terrorist trying to carry out a plot to disrupt the fair. This is an exciting read that you won’t want to miss.
Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for, 12/08
5 Stars
The setting is present day Mid Atlas Mountains of North Africa. The Brides' Fair is an annual event. However, this one would be very different. Hal Fleming weaves the threads of a terrorist threat with various subplots to create a riveting novel. Can the terrorist be stopped? The Brides' Fair is a complex tale of conspiracy. I had to remind myself that this is a work of fiction. Hal Fleming is a talented author. I will be watching for more of his books.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

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Calitare: Restore

I forgot to add the ISBN...
You can buy this book at Barnes&Noble

Alixandria DeSpain, Lucinda Laughlin
Publisher:Xlibris, 2008
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Have you read Calitare: Restore by Alixandria DeSpain, Lucinda Laughlin?

It is one of the best books I've read in years.
The authors are freshmen in college. They have an amazing talent and maturity which will just get better with age.

Read the reviews :

I recently received a copy of Calitare Restore in my mailbox. Alixandria DeSpain and Lucinda Laughlin sent me a copy of their book and requested I consider it for review. I added the book to my ever-growing stack. It took me a few weeks before I pulled it from the shelf. I had no idea the adventure that lay ahead of me; if I had, I would have immediately opened the cover.
DeSpain and Laughlin have created a delightful land called Calitare. Mermaids and magic abound. Willow, Evadne,and their adopted brother, Gustave, live happily with their father the King. Then war threatened the inhabitants of Calitare. The sisters stand strong in the midst of battle, relying on God for strength and salvation.
I found this story amazing. Calitare is Christian romance and fantasy. The love story is one of purity and innocence. The authors manage to share the gospel with readers. I am reminded of C.S. Lewis. In their own way, they have described the relationship between humans and God. They demonstrate salvation, forgiveness, and grace in a way that is easy to understand. They manage all of this without being preachy. Their tale is filled with enough adventure to keep the reader eagerly turning the pages. Calitare will appeal to all ages. This is the first book in this series. I will be watching closely for the names Alixandria DeSpain and Lucinda Laughlin. I think we will be hearing much more from them.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My New Brain by Lori Williams

Title: My New Brain; Memoir of a Brain Injury
Author: Lori Williams
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4327-2599-0
Genre: Not Fiction; Personal Memoir
Pages: 116
Reviewed By: Lynn- 3-15-2009
Rating: 5 Stars

Blurp: In a instant her world changed forever. While on active duty in the U.S. Army, Lori Williams-Just your average American young woman- sustained a severe traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident. For the next 22 years, what would occur is transformation.

Before the army and the accident Lori was your average 18 year old, going off to college. The normal girl who had her friends and shared walks, talks and parties.

Lori meets Jeff , also in the army and they soon were married. Actually a marriage you could say was not made in Heaven. After the accident he no longer wanted to be with her.

From here we follow her through her adjustment in life, The Physical Changes, The Emotional Changes.
Not just outward changes but inward changes. The Spiritual Changes. .

Follow her through life as she works toward a college degree , working outside the home, the rejection from other workers. How many times have we ourselves, if we are honest ,have brushed off someone because of a mental disorder, not really knowing the whole story, The shame they must feel, thinking what did they do wrong. The depression that comes along with the shame .

This is a small book, but to get the underlying aspect of what she went through, really it needs to be read at a slower pace, to better understand. For what she has been through I see a very intelligent woman despite her disability.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blood On The Tartan

Blood On The Tartan
Chris Holmes
Publisher: Highland Press TX
Pub. Date: October 2007
ISBN-13: 9780978713980
5 stars
Scottish history and romance…
Blood On The Tartan is a enchanting romance; the tale of one woman uniting her people. The setting is the Highlands of Scotland, 1854. Catherine Ross is one woman uniting her people to the stand together against those that cared more about the money sheep would provide than the lives of the common people. Catherine was only a child when her family and friends were evicted from their homes. The owners tore down the homes and leased the land to sheepherders. Catherine stayed in the Highlands while friends and relatives moved to Canada. She married a British soldier. He died in India and left her to raise their son alone. She realized how lonely she was when she met Constable Ian Macgregor. Their love slowly blossomed. When Catherine witnessed once again the greed of landowners, she determined she would find a way to stop them. Ian’s emotions and sensibilities were in conflict. He was sworn to uphold the law, but he loved defiant Catherine. He had a decision to make…Was their love strong enough to survive?
Blood on the Tartan is based on actual historical events. The plot demonstrates the honor and resolve of the Highland people. The Scottish inflection is a little difficult to decipher at first. Once I got into the rhythm of it, I enjoyed the book. I have never been to Scotland but have it at the top of my wish list. Chris Holmes transports his readers to the past. He carefully explains the events that unfold on the pages. Holmes has increased my desire to see the Highlands, to hear the brogue with my own ears. Holmes conveys the atmosphere of an era unsurpassed in history. Holmes captures the essence of the Scottish culture. The Scottish citizens were never known to back down from a fight. They stood their ground regardless of the threat of death. Blood On The Tartan reminds readers of a blood era in history. I suspect Chris Holmes has deep Scottish roots. His passion for the country and the history shine through in his text. Holmes provides the reader with secondary characters that are appealing. I became so involved in this book I felt as though I was reading about dear friends. Romance, history, drama--what more could a reader ask for?