Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blood On The Tartan

Blood On The Tartan
Chris Holmes
Publisher: Highland Press TX
Pub. Date: October 2007
ISBN-13: 9780978713980
5 stars
Scottish history and romance…
Blood On The Tartan is a enchanting romance; the tale of one woman uniting her people. The setting is the Highlands of Scotland, 1854. Catherine Ross is one woman uniting her people to the stand together against those that cared more about the money sheep would provide than the lives of the common people. Catherine was only a child when her family and friends were evicted from their homes. The owners tore down the homes and leased the land to sheepherders. Catherine stayed in the Highlands while friends and relatives moved to Canada. She married a British soldier. He died in India and left her to raise their son alone. She realized how lonely she was when she met Constable Ian Macgregor. Their love slowly blossomed. When Catherine witnessed once again the greed of landowners, she determined she would find a way to stop them. Ian’s emotions and sensibilities were in conflict. He was sworn to uphold the law, but he loved defiant Catherine. He had a decision to make…Was their love strong enough to survive?
Blood on the Tartan is based on actual historical events. The plot demonstrates the honor and resolve of the Highland people. The Scottish inflection is a little difficult to decipher at first. Once I got into the rhythm of it, I enjoyed the book. I have never been to Scotland but have it at the top of my wish list. Chris Holmes transports his readers to the past. He carefully explains the events that unfold on the pages. Holmes has increased my desire to see the Highlands, to hear the brogue with my own ears. Holmes conveys the atmosphere of an era unsurpassed in history. Holmes captures the essence of the Scottish culture. The Scottish citizens were never known to back down from a fight. They stood their ground regardless of the threat of death. Blood On The Tartan reminds readers of a blood era in history. I suspect Chris Holmes has deep Scottish roots. His passion for the country and the history shine through in his text. Holmes provides the reader with secondary characters that are appealing. I became so involved in this book I felt as though I was reading about dear friends. Romance, history, drama--what more could a reader ask for?